# Message from Leadership

Colleen McMahon

Board Chair

Erin Kuan

President & CEO

Despite continued disruption across the globe, Lung Saskatchewan made significant progress on its interim strategic plan during 2021. Based on the guiding principles of our interim plan – Innovate. Collaborate. Inform., we remained flexible but steadfast in order to ensure our activities aligned with what would bring the most value to the people of Saskatchewan during some of the most unpredictable periods in history.

This past year, the organization alongside other western provinces, made the difficult decision to separate from its national federation. We did so with the re-deployment of resources to best impact our community of of donors, volunteers, health care professionals, researchers and those with a lived experience of lung disease, top of mind. Despite this difficult change, we not only persevered, but also accelerated our efforts. A few highlights from 2021 include:

  • Expanding professional education opportunities to respond to evolving needs of health care professionals
  • Expanding Youth4Change tobacco and vaping prevention and education for First Nations youth
  • Increasing Radon advocacy, education and protection of more than 4000 homes
  • Gaining a greater understanding of our role in reconciliation
  • Expanding virtual patient and caregiver support and education
  • Collaborating to grow Saskatchewan lead research
  • Launching a new look, new name, and bright direction

Lung Saskatchewan is very fortunate to have a group of dedicated volunteer Lung Health Ambassadors who share their lived experiences, which in turn inspires other to act and to give. We are also grateful for the members of the Board of Directors and our staff – their expertise and commitment during such a turbulent time has been beyond measure.

Thank you to our individual and corporate donors and partners – your generosity makes it possible to improve lung health one breath at a time.

While these past two years have truly been an unprecedented time, Lung Saskatchewan is moving forward stronger than ever towards our vision of healthy lungs for everyone.

Sincerely yours in lung health,

Colleen McMahon
Board Chair

Erin Kuan
President & CEO

# Strategy, Mission, Vision, and Values

In the fall of 2020, Lung Saskatchewan created an interim strategic plan to guide our work through the pandemic. This plan assumes that outcomes could build into a horizon of planning for the organization and fold in to an extended 3–5-year plan in the future.

‘Collaborate. Innovate. Inform.’ was born out of need for the Lung Saskatchewan to focus on it's four key pillar areas, over 12–24 months, delivering on mission during a tumultuous time, and maintaining its position as a trusted source of education, advocacy, and support for the 1 in 5 Canadians affected by lung disease.

Collaborate. Innovate. Inform.


We offer best-in-class, timely, and relevant education opportunities for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Government Relations

We work to advance lung health issues at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.


We invest in what is important to our stakeholders, right here in Saskatchewan.

Health Promotion

We develop and deliver evidence-based lung health messaging for youth, educators, professionals, and the public.

Our Mission

To improve lung health one breath at a time.

To achieve our mission we will:

  • Be a leader in respiratory health;
  • Enhance public awareness of the impact of respiratory diseases;
  • Advocate for increased support for education, research, and health;
  • Support research in respiratory health and disease;
  • Lead and support evidence-based professional education initiatives to ensure optimum numbers of trained professionals;
  • Foster innovation and partnerships towards lung health.

Our Impact Goal

Improve respiratory health and quality of life through education, research, health promotion, and advocacy.

Our Values

  • We value integrity, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.
  • We treat every relationship with compassion, respect, and dignity.
  • We strive for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

# Our Impact

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# Research

Lung Saskatchewan is entering the fourth year of partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) in a pledge to fund one million dollars in Saskatchewan research over five years. Lung Saskatchewan was pleased to co-fund three separate projects as part of the 2021-2022 SHRF Solutions Program.

Read more about the projects we fund

In 2021 Lung Saskatchewan was the successful recipient of two separate SHRF Research Connections Grants. These grants contributed to the development of an online only RESPTREC spirometry course, and the development of vaping prevention resources.

Learn more about participating in research projects


New to RESPTREC in 2021 was the addition of an online spirometry course. This course aims to teach health professionals how to conduct quality spirometry and was written using the most current practice guidelines.

Also new in 2021 was the addition of an online spirometry refresher course. This course, written by Dr. Brian Graham, PhD and lead author of the 2019 ATS/ERS Spirometry Standards provides a much needed update to those trained to conduct spirometry.


Registrations for RESPTREC grew 55% between 2020 and 2021. Lung Saskatchewan continues to respond to this increasing need of health care professionals pursuing advanced training in respiratory care.

# Fall Webinar Series

Thanks to the generous support of our industry partners and the collaborative spirit of our key opinion leaders, we were delighted to host the 2021 Fall Professional Education Webinar Series in honour of November's designation as “Lung Month”.

Thank you to the following sponsors and presenters for our 2021 series:

  • Sanofi Pasteur for sponsoring the November 2nd presentation by Dr. Angel Chu - Flu in the Era of COVID-19.
  • GlaxoSmithKline for sponsoring the November 9th presentation by Dr. Mohit Bhutani - Severe Asthma Update: Identifying and Treating Your Patient.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim for sponsoring the November 16th presentation by Dr. Darcy Marciniuk - The Big Opportunity with COPD: Diagnosis, Step-wise Approach, and Treatment.

# Lung Life Webinar Series

Lung Saskatchewan and GlaxoSmithKline have a long history of working together on activities to improve the lives of those on their lung health journey. Most recently they have joined forces and partnered on a new education webinar series – Lung Life Webinar Series, to empower those living with and caring for those with lung disease to live better. Attendees of this series can join key opinion leaders in their respective fields of expertise to learn how to enjoy a better Lung Life in the presence of lung disease.

Asthma Medications 101

Dr. Holly Mansell

Exercise After a COVID-19 Diagnosis

Dr. Scotty Butcher

The Power of Breathing - Breathing Retraining Utilizing the Bradcliff Method

Donna Turner, RRT

Ask the Experts - is it your Time to Quit?

Dr. Erika Penz, Cory Gambler, Lynn MacKinnon, Dale Roach

# Inspired Breathing Conference

The 2021 Inspired Breathing Conference – Virtual Edition brought lung health professionals including family physicians, respiratory specialists, allied respiratory health care professionals, respiratory educators, and researchers together online to learn together. This three day event offered content that was diverse, current, evidence-based, and of value to all delegates. With its mix of lectures, keynote speakers, and participative intensives presented by experts and key opinion leaders from across western Canada, this professional education conference was an exceptional educational experience!

Delegates from across Canada

Days of Education

Guest presenters

Education sessions

Interactive Workshop Intensives

# Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program

Lung Saskatchewan, in partnership with Conexus Credit Union, helps Saskatchewan residents breathe a little easier by providing financial support to those that need it through the Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program.

In 2021, the recipients of financial support from this program received reimbursement for a variety of lung health related expenses including those incurred by radon mitigation, medical equipment, and expenses incurred during the lung transplant journey. Funds from this program were also directed to the St. Mary's Wellness Clinic in 2021. Lung Saskatchewan was able to purchase and donate much needed medical grade masks to St. Mary's Wellness Clinic.

# Support Groups

Lung Saskatchewan provides support and education to those on a lung health journey through its many support groups and continues to grow its online support community to connect likeminded people with one another in a safe and supportive environment.

Support Group membership grew 125% from 2020 to 2021 showing increased need and the value of people sharing stories and lending their support to help others live well.




Lung Cancer

Lung Transplant

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Sleep Apnea

Smoking Cessation

Click on the support group to learn more.

Lung Saskatchewan would like to acknowledge the support from the SaskTel Pioneers who donated $10,000 for the printing of lung health resources. These resources are used by many, including the members of our many support groups. Thank you SaskTel Pioneers!

# Saskatchewan Quits

In response to the high prevalence of nicotine product use in our province, Lung Saskatchewan launched a smoking cessation support group called Saskatchewan Quits. We also led the Saskatchewan Quits Personal Challenge with the support of Johnson & Johnson/Nicorette, the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. This holistic, motivational online support group is designed to assist anyone who would like to quit or cut back their nicotine addiction.

Title sponsor

The campaign ran for the month of May and wrapped up on ‘World No Tobacco Day’. This month of challenges saw participants take part in wellness and education webinars featuring leading lifestyle experts, addiction workers, researchers, and Saskatchewan Quits champions.

The online campaign was successful in engaging over 120 participants from across Saskatchewan. 78% of our participants had been smoking for more than 20 years, and 94% had unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking prior to enrolling in the program.

The support did not stop with the campaign wrap up, but instead, the online support group continued to grow to over 130 participants.

“This is a great program it doesn't try to belittle you into quitting, offers support and alternative thinking. This is the first group I have been involved with that doesn't treat you as a failure just because you are having difficulty.”
— J.O., Saskatchewan Quits Participant

Thank you to our Saskatchewan Quits Personal Challenge Ambassadors for sharing their quit journeys to help others. You are truly an inspiration!

Quit smoking

Cut back usage

Of the respondents who replied to the follow up survey, 52% were able to reach their goal of quitting. All those who set out to reduce their use, managed to do so.

Read the entire Saskatchewan Quits Smoking cessation Campaign Impact Report.

# Home Oxygen Program

Lung Saskatchewan continues to partner with The Government of Saskatchewan in its contract with the Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) Home Oxygen Program. Through this contract Lung Saskatchewan is able to provide education/tester training, tester support, rural nocturnal oxygen testing, and home oxygen testing information and resources for health professionals and clients throughout Saskatchewan.

Over the last five years Lung Saskatchewan has trained 831 Certified Home Oxygen Testers and completed 1926 overnight tests, maintaining service through the pandemic.

Home Oxygen Testers

Overnight Tests Completed in Saskatchewan

# Government Relations

A key pillar in the work of Lung Saskatchewan is working with municipal, provincial, and federal governments to advocate for legislation regarding lung health issues such as tobacco & vaping, radon, COVID, and air quality. In 2021 Lung Saskatchewan:

  • Advocated to the Saskatchewan Government for vape liquid and product taxation, and vape retail licensing, which resulted in the Tobacco and Flavours Product Control Amendment Regulations.
  • Presented a proposal entitled “Building a Healthy Saskatchewan: A Commercial Tobacco and Vaping Reduction Strategy” to the provincial government in partnership with The Heart & Stroke Foundation.
  • Advocated and presented a proposal, In collaboration with our PHLA partners, to the Saskatchewan Government called “An Upstream Plan to Benefit the Saskatchewan Government: A proposal to Support Nicotine Cessation Drug Coverage”.
  • Presented nine radon recommendations to the Honourable Paul Merriman, Minister of Health, Government of Saskatchewan, to protect Saskatchewan families and workers from the dangers of radon exposure on behalf of the Take Action on Radon Saskatchewan Coalition. Additionally, the team met with Vicki Mowat, Opposition House Leader and opposition critic for health.
  • Supported the Youth4Change youth and health allies from across Canada to call on the federal and provincial governments to regulate all vape flavours (including mint/menthol) to protect Canadian kids. An advocacy website and social media campaign were developed, calling on the public to support the campaign. Youth4Change, in partnership with Lung Saskatchewan, also submitted a vape flavours consultation document to Health Canada.

Honourable Paul Merriman (Minister of Health, Government of Saskatchewan), meets with Lung Saskatchewan ambassadors and staff.

Provincial Lung Health Alliance (PLHA)

The Provincial Lung Health Alliance (PLHA) is a collaborative working group of patients and caregivers, health professionals, researchers, and industry partners supported by Lung Saskatchewan. In 2021, the PLHA progressed its work in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by advocating for better drug coverage for nicotine replacement therapies for those trying to quit smoking, and by making significant updates to the COPD information provided on the Lung Saskatchewan website.

Trent Litzenberger (Lung Saskatchewan) addresses the PLHA at a strategy and action planning meeting.

Radon Tax Credit

A key component of Lung Saskatchewan's work in radon is to educate and advocate to the provincial government on the risks of radon. As a result of our advocacy work, radon mitigation is now included in the provincial government's Home Renovation Tax Credit which allows home owners to claim a 10.5 percent tax credit on up to $20,000 of eligible home renovation expenses.

Honourable Paul Merriman (Minister of Health, Government of Saskatchewan) meets with Jennifer May (Lung Saskatchewan) to proclaim November “Radon Action Month”

# Youth4Change

In 2020, Lung Saskatchewan in partnership with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations and the Students Commission of Canada received support from LEAP Pecaut Centre for Social Impact in order to grow Youth4Change with a focus on First Nations communities across Saskatchewan. In 2021, we secured an additional $410,000 in multi-year funding to scale and spread Youth4Change with First Nations communities across Saskatchewan.

Youth4Change created a robust program focusing on traditional tobacco, vaping, smoking and healthy decision making. An advisory committee comprised of an Elder, partner organization representatives, youth, and educators from across Saskatchewan helps guide our work.

In Fall 2021, following introduction to communities and tribal councils, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations passed its role to tribal councils and the program partnered with File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council to help launch Youth4Change. Carry The Kettle Nakoda Oyade Education Center and their youth council leaders welcomed Lung Saskatchewan as planning began. In December 2021 we successfully launched Youth4Change with Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation.

Youth4Change aims to empower youth to reduce harms caused by commercial tobacco and vaping. Lung Saskatchewan believes in youth and adult allies coming together to enhance their knowledge of commercial tobacco use and vaping to advocate for long-term change and to promote healthy behaviours and safe, healthy communities.

Youth4Change promotes education and awareness across multiple platforms. In 2021, we:

  • Ran a letter-writing campaign which garnered almost 500 signatures.
  • Reached 2,000% more accounts on Instagram during the campaign.
  • Saw a 64% increase in engagement through Facebook ads.
  • Went viral with over 2.82M views on TikTok videos.

Cory Gambler (File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council) meets with Lung Saskatchewan Health Promotions team.

Youth4Change National Vape Flavours Campaign

Youth4Change youth and health allies from across Canada came together to call on the Government of Canada to regulate all vape flavours (including mint/menthol) to protect kids in Canada. Youth4Change launched a social media campaign across multiple platforms. This included a national Facebook Ad campaign to target adults including parents, healthcare workers, and teachers. The letter-writing campaign garnered almost 500 signatures to various government personnel advocating for a ban on vape flavours.

# Radon

Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. All homes have some level of radon. The question is, how much radon is in your home? You can't see, taste, or smell radon. The only way to know how much radon is in your home is to test for it.

Lung Saskatchewan works in collaboration with The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) to provide homeowners across Canada with easy-to-use radon test kits, results, and support. To learn more or order your home radon test kit, please go to www.HomeRadonTest.ca

In partnership with

Radon education and advocacy is an important part of Lung Saskatchewan's work. In 2021, two radon campaigns occurred - My Radon Story and Tackle Radon.

My Radon Story

In January of 2021, people from across Canada shared how they have been impacted by radon as a part of the My Radon Story campaign. While each journey is different, they have the same message: test your home for radon to protect you and your family. Additionally Lung Saskatchewan hosted a webinar featuring Kerri Tucker, lung cancer survivor, and Kelley Bush from Health Canada.

We hope these stories will inspire you to test for radon. To read all of the ‘My Radon Stories’ or ot order your test kit, visit our HomeRadonTest.ca website.

Kerri Tucker

Lung Cancer Survivor

Janet & Alan Whitehead

Lung Cancer Survivor & Husband, Radon Advocates

Dr Anderson Tyan


Jeff Zimmer

Environmental Scientist, Saskatchewan Research Council

Kelley Bush

Health Canada


Beloved Pet

Tackle Radon Season 3

The Fall 2021 campaign saw expansion into Alberta and the addition of two new football players. This quadruple threat brought increased strength and raised awareness for families to test their homes for radon. Thank you to our Tackle Radon Ambassadors!

Tackle Radon Team Standings

Calvin McCarty, Trevor Harris, Andrew Greene, Adam Bighill

Thank you to our 2021 Tackle Radon Sponsors.

Champion Title Sponsors

Lung Saskatchewan
Take Action on Radon

All Star Sponsors

Game-Changer Sponsors

  • Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program
  • Master Radon
  • Radon Proz
  • Fantech

MVP Sponsors

  • Saskatchewan Research Council
  • River City Radon
  • Swift Plumbing and Heating

Touchdown Sponsors

  • Dream
  • Century 21 Fusion
  • Great West Radon
  • Vent Pro Mechanical

# Awards & Recognition

Lung Saskatchewan was pleased to have Dr. Brian Graham, and Jill Hubick, recognized for national awards in 2021. Both Brian and Jill have worked tirelessly to advance the Lung Saskatchewan mission to improve lung health one breath a time.

Dr. Brian Graham

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement award is for distinguished and devoted service of 15 or more years to The Lung Association and whose personal activities and/or leadership and devotion to the mission of the organization are considered exemplary.

During Dr. Graham's 4-decade career with The Lung Association of Saskatchewan, he led the charge in several brand changes. Dr. Graham was responsible for programs that provided opportunities for many physician specialists in respiratory care to train and stay in Saskatchewan to provide service and led numerous lung health related advocacy efforts with government on many levels.

Jill Hubick

The Alan J. McFarlane Staff Award

The Alan J. McFarlane staff award honors a Lung Association employee for contributing unique and outstanding service to the Association as recognized by their peers.

Jill Hubick uses her creativity by working with patients and community members to share their breathe stories to the public. These breathe stories are a medium for public education, awareness and are also a way to invoke positive change. Jill inspires volunteers, co-workers and partners with her passion of health, wellness and lung health!

# Donor Appreciation

Lung Saskatchewan is very thankful for each and every one of our incredible donors. We are sincerely grateful that you believe in our mission, and together, we are making a difference for the people in our community. Your gift plays a key role in helping people who live with a lung health issue, a chance to breath a little easier.

From everyone at Lung Saskatchewan, thank you for being a part of our lung family. Your support and generosity helps all Saskatchewan residents to improve lung health, one breath at a time. We couldn't do it without you! We will always be stronger together.

  • Estate of Selmer & Barbara Moen
  • Casey & Karen Davis
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donor

  • Marlene Donally
  • Anonymous Donor

  • ACT/UCT Club – Moose Jaw Council #1027
  • Don & Sue Cockcroft
  • Bethany Jackson
  • Darcy & Carla Marciniuk
  • Pennant Farming Co.
  • William & Darlene Sheppard
  • Rob Skomro
  • John Thompson
  • Seventeen Anonymous Donors


Complete audited financial statements

2021 Financial Statements

Statement of Operations

2021 2020
Development 1,218,898 992,684
Grants & Subsidies 620,195 396,766
Health Promotion Programs 344,000 406,056
Professional Education 194,471 156,692
Contracts 112,240 97,906
Other Income 93,309 86,081
2,583,113 2,136,185
Health Promotion 889,275 898,683
Professional Education 477,917 445,389
Development & Campaigns 620,754 570,618
Operations & Building 344,215 281,979
Research & Grants 164,490 114,480
Contract Services 93,492 92,530
2,590,143 2,403,679
Excess (deficiency) of revenue over expenses (7,030) (267,494)




Thank you to all donors who make our mission possible. Because of the gracious support of individuals and corporate partners, we continue to work towards our vision of healthy lungs for everyone.